I run away from everyone. A guy I’ve been in love with since 7th grade tells me we can be anything I want and I tell him no. I am too scared to trust him after what the last guy I trusted did to me. But I just said no. And once I did that I realized just how bad I needed someone like him. He’s so honest that sometimes it hurts and he doesn’t let me feel sorry for myself. He doesn’t treat me like I’m fragile or a project and he knows my demons but doesn’t feed into them. He let’s me work it out on my own. He’s a total ass but he keeps me grounded and I just have a feeling that somehow we’ll end up together. I’m the sweet and quiet side and he’s the abrasive and outspoken side and we bicker like a married couple. But since 7th grade we’ve found our way back to each other over 5 years. I don’t mind waiting if that’s what it takes but some days I wish I could see how it turns out